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Connecting Hotel Leaders

The largest media, event and B2B learning platform for Asia's hotel and travel industry
Hospitality Asia Profile
Hospitality Asia Event Series is one of the most influential conference brands which attracts industry contributors in Tourism and Hospitality Communities in Asia. It contains eight major event brands including Hospitality Indonesia Conference (HIC), Hospitality Vietnam Conference (HVC), Hotel NextGen China (HNG), Hospitality Malaysia Conference (HMC), Hospitality Thailand Conference (HTC), Hospitality Asia Forum (HAF), Hospitality Philippines Conference (HPC) & Hospitality Japan Conference (HJC). It focuses on delivering a sea of timely market insights that facilitate corporate strategies and growth on a regional scale. Unlike major investment conferences in the region, which gathers a great number of CEOs, Hospitality Asia is taking a slightly different approach. We do have a fair number of C-suites who are actively engaging in the programs by providing strategic opinions but we are more inclusively embracing those VPs, GMs and Directors that are involved in actual contract negotiating and daily operations and that we believe possess a closer understanding of how things' done. Furthermore, we have a group of advisers who are dispersed in Asia countries, providing pragmatic and up-to-date insights to help us work out quality programs.

Each of the conference will be attended by 250-400 hospitality and tourism practitioners who are the Property Developers & Investors & Property Owners, Chain Hotel Operators & Independent Hotels, Designers & Architects, Consultants & Analysts & Lawyers, EPC Contractors & Project Management Companies, Technology Providers & Suppliers, etc. The conference will encompass versatile and diverse topics ranging from Planning & Investment to Design & Innovation, from Operations & Guests to Revenue & Distribution.

Hospitality Asia Event Series aims to be and will be one of Asia's prestigious conference brands by providing a unique platform for hospitality professionals to keep abreast with the industry trends, gain insights, exchange ideas as well as to forge partnerships.
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Upcoming Events
7th Hospitality Indonesia Conference #HIC2024

January 30-31, 2024,

at Le Meridien Jakarta,


7th Hospitality Vietnam Conference #HVC2024

April 2-3, 2024

at Ho Chi Minh City,


3rd Hospitality Thailand Conference #HTC2024

May 15-16, 2024

at Eastin Grand Sathorn Bangkok, Thailand

4th Hospitality Malaysia Conference #HMC2024
June 12-13, 2024
at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center,
3rd Hospitality Japan Conference #HJC2024
October 8-9, 2024
at The Capitol Hotel Tokyu, Tokyo,
7th Hospitality Philippines Conference #HPC2024
September 4-5, 2024
Marriott Manila,
Hospitality South Korea Conference #HSKC2024
To be announced

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Operations Optimization
Revenue Rebound
Indonesia Track
Malaysia Track
Philippine Track
Thailand Track
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Design Track
Revenue Rebound
Operations Optimization
Guest Experience
Event Tracks
In providing a unique platform for
hospitality professionals
Across 24 Countries in 4 continents
Representing the key projects

With the latest hotel solutions

From key project owners
and innovator

Including 1to1 meetings and partnering

Dissecting the masterplan and projects
Who make buying decisions
Via our own marketing channels and partnership websites
Connecting and Inspiring
Hospitality Industry Decision Makers Across Asia

Top Reasons to Attend

  • Inspiring Event Content

    Gathering the world of hotel leaders and thinkers, our speakers will inspire you with mind-blowing ideas supported by real-world examples and their success stories
  • Hotel Leaders under One Roof
    Investors, developers, operators, consultants, architects, solutions providers and innovators all under one roof, it's the best platfrom to connect with real decision makers
  • More than events, it is learning community
    The community provides its members more than just B2B conferences and shows, it will also arrange small scale seminars, webinars, exchange programs and a lot more
  • Build Real Business Connections
    Everything Hospitality Asia designed is for the purpose of our conference delegates and community members to get to know as many people and build real business relationships
Some of our Recent Clients


Gov Agencies

Hotel Groups
Words on the Street
Dijiwa Sanctuaries (Indonesia)
“This is a breakthrough event during the pandemic, giving me and my company great insights on current and future trends also forecasting in hospitality Industry. Would be great if could invite the panelist from wholeseller, OTA and also airline. So we could have better picture in future trends.”
QCC Collection Group (Australia)
“Great conference with lots of great content. Looking forward to next year.”
Marriott International (Thailand)
“Very well organized event and great help from Hospitality Asia at every moment. Diversified speakers and great to listen and share insights.”
Accor (Malaysia)
“Overall experience and contents are well planned. Only the first day connectivity was a bit unstable. Well done and congratulations!”
Far East Hospitality (Singapore)
“Well organised event with a strong plethora of topics discussed and attendees. Keep it up! And hope that the physical conference will be even better.”
Capella Hotel Group (Singapore)
“For our company which is expanding into hotel and resort operation, the conference gave us valuable insights as how we could steer our hospitality operations and encouraged us to be bullish in such expansion in our operations.”
HBA (Philippines)
“This event was well worth of my time, I picked up a lot of stuff, the event focused on different aspects of hospitality industry as a business, there was a lot of information and knowledge to gain, thank you for having me!”
Absolute Hotel Service Group (Thailand)
“This was a timely and interesting
virtual event.”
Empire Group (Vietnam)
“I think today is very interesting, a very good event. We got to do very good networking, and the topics are interesting. Hopefully the next event will be longer!”
Anchor Land Holdings
For our company which is expanding into hotel and resort operation, the conference gave us valuable insights as how we could steer our hospitality operations and encouraged us to be bullish.
Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia
The event is a great success and we are happy to see so many investors and hotel companies and technology companies that be here in Malaysia to talk about the investment opportunities and future of hospitality and tourism busienss in Malaysia. A great platform to connect with the hotel industry.
Cornestone Partners
I think Hospitality Asia did a fantastic job on this 2nd year round. I think it is well organized we have all been briefed upfront and I think the topics are very extremely relevant to the industry today.
Oracle Hospitality
Very exciting content today. Not only are we talking about Malaysia but we are talking about the whole region. I’d like to thank the organizers and hopefully next year we’ll see all of you back .
Dusit Hotels & Resorts
Hospitality Asia has been doing absolutely fantastic job , this is whatever event organizer should be doing, and they are really making sure that the growth of our industry is well promoted.
Mandiri Land
Good reunion. Atmosphere is good as there seems to be more unconventional yet personalised forum which I feel refreshing. Organizer put a lot of efforts in gathering top quality speakers and panels
LG business Solutions
Everything was on right track, Hospitality Asia arranged a lot of things perfectly, it was useful that we presented our products to our hotel end users and partners.
JR Hokkaido Hotels
Thank you so much for taking time to share their precious experience. Secretary's preparation and caring of the conference day was perfect! Good job!
It was very insightful to have full scope of knowledge from developers, from the operators, architects, designers to understand more about the Vietamese Market, and Cambodian market respectively.
PDP Architects
The Philippines Hospitality Conference has succeeded once again in bringing together key decision makers, players, the movers and visionaries in the hotel and resort industry in the Philippines.
Swiss Belhotel Intl
It is a place that you should go if you want to know everything about hotel biz. You will see the key decision makers, the operators and people who are going to be at the forefront of the industry.
Tajara Leisure Hospitality
I really like the crowd, the audience. There was so much dynamic. We also met with a couple of really good owners, developers that we have not seen in the past. We enjoyed the event and see you again.
by far it has been one of the best experiences. It is a great platform. It provided us a great opportunity to connect with potential market players, we look forward to doing this again in the future.
Department of Tourism Philippines
We are excited to see so many hotel professionals and investors from home and abroad here gathers at Manila Marriott Hotel to discuss the cooperations and industry growth of Philippines tourism and hotel sector, the event is a great experiences for us and we are excited to see the growth potential and the level of interest that everybody is showing to the Philippines market.
Resorttrust Inc
All of the people were professional in their industry, and really friendly. The networking was really useful for future business also.
Zerin Properties
We really had some interesting topics covering from investment into deep dives of data and also types of investment and operation challenges of the hotel.
KAJ Development
It’s my first time at a conference and I find it very informative. All you need to know about hotel operations. Know operators down to suppliers and everything so it’s absolutely useful.
OYO Hotels & Homes
Beautiful venue and exceptional food! I wish in the future there were more slots dedicated to marketing,branding and communications, which are key in Japan.
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