Margie F. Munsayac

VP - Sales & Marketing Bluewater Resorts

Margarita Fuentes-Munsayac or Margie as she is fondly called, is a woman of the modern times. She is positive and confident, always ready to speak her mind, and is not afraid to stand for her convictions. She is known for her work ethics always putting her best into whatever endeavor she may have chosen. As a hardworking member of the hotels and resorts industry, she is ever at the forefront leading the other members of her team.

She excelled in academics and breezed through school until she graduated Summa Cum Laude, AB Economics from the University of San Carlos, Cebu. She did a brief foray with NEDA (National Economic Development Authority) and teaching in a local university. She landed a job as secretary with the Montebello Villa Resort and moved her way up to Sales Manager. Here she found her niche.

She later joined the Bluewater Resorts as sales manager, swiftly moving up to her present position of VP- Sales and Marketing and handling 3 resorts: the Maribago Blue Water in Cebu, Panglao Bluewater in Bohol, and Sumilon also in Cebu. In addition, she also handles the Almont Hotels and Resorts in Caraga.

Concerned with the development of the industry, she became active as a member of the board of PCVC and TPB. She held various position in the HSMA and moved on to become its president several times.

Because of her concern for the industry, she has immersed herself in many related activities, serving as speaker and such when needed.