Arch. Cathy S. Saldaña 

Managing Director of PDP Architects ,Director of ARCO Group 

A graduate of the UP Diliman College of Architecture and the Asian Institute of Management (Honors), Cathy Saldaña is currently one of the prominent female Architects in the country for Hospitality. She has been doing challenging and technical work out there in the islands, along coastlines, in major cities across the country, designing and master planning hotels and resorts, for both international operators and local developers. She does back of house planning, Interiors of rooms and public spaces and full-scale Architecture. There are advocacies close to her heart: inclusive architecture thoughtfully designed for people and the preservation of natural environments amidst new building technologies. She is sought after for island developments as she understands both the engineering and sustainable design aspects of building all over the country. Hers is a familiar and strong voice in conventions and conferences both locally and internationally. One of these topics close to her heart is Coastal Design: The Architecture of Hotels by the Water, where she has probed in-depth into projects and communities beside the seas in the Philippines.

Her attention to detail and passion for work is evident in all her endeavors. She has recently reorganized the teams between her companies, PDP Architects, Arco Group and SSDS ( Saldaña Siegel Design Studios ).