Tim Hallett

President - Tourism & Leisure Century Limitless Corp.

Mr. Hallett is the President of Century Properties Group Leisure and Lifestyle Business and Board Member and Advisor to the Founder of Revolution Pre-crafted.
Tim is an experienced Hospitality Real Estate Professional, working at the leading edge of Hospitality Development, Innovation and Value Creation with specific expertise in the Asian Pacific and emerging markets with a focus on developing Innovative Hospitality Mixed Use, Alternative Ownership and Lifestyle Real Estate projects across the Asia Pacific Region.
Revolution is a collection of Limited Edition, Pre-crafted Properties, including Homes and Pavilions, the Project unites sixty one (61) of the world’s top designers to create an exclusive series of Pre-fabricated, livable spaces.
With a network of Cutting-edge technologies and Cost-efficient productions systems, Revolution is democratizing High-design and Architecture by introducing designed spaces in exclusive collaboration with Industry leading creatives.