Hotel NextGen Asia Summit 2021

Hotel Industry's Recovery
& Future Ready Strategies

A Four in One Conference + Mini Exhibition

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    InterContinental Pudong hotel

  • July 14-15



Due to the current travel restrictions, most hotel industry events are held online, whilst hoteliers do wish to meet with its peers and disruptors face to face to dissect the trends, strategies for them to surivvie from the current pandemic and stay competitive in the post covid19 New Normal.
With this mission at our heart, Escom’s Hospitality Asia team is presenting you “HOTEl NETGEN ASIA SUMMIT 2021” in Late June this year in Shanghai China. The event will gather some 400+ Hotel industry leaders, experts, key disruptors, decision makers from China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, including Property Owners, Designers, Developers, Operators, OTAs, Tech Companies, Associations, Gov Entities and solutions providers.

Key topics include:
● Travellers NextGen: The changes in global Tourism and traveller Expectation post the Pandemic● Market NextGen: Hotel performance estimation to 2025● Ecosystem NextGen: A full digital Transformation● Brand NextGen: Brand Innovations and Differenciation● Xperiences NextGen: Robots, AI and Human Touch● Technology NextGen: Tech Lab for Tourism and Future Hotels● Marketing NextGen: Tech Driven Marketing Transformation● Revenue Management NextGen: AI+AI enabled staff

Event Format


Leadership Summit

Decision Makers to make insightful discussions for ongoing recovery


Mini Exhibition

20+ Leading Hotel Solutions being showcased at this summit


Peer Networking

The largest Hotel Professionals’ Networking Platform in Asia


1 to 1 Private Meetings

Organizer will arrange your 1-1 meeting with your desired Delegate

Event in Numbers

The largest tech innovation themed in person event for hotel industry in Asia




Hotel Owners and Operators

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Speakers & Panelists


Senior Level Executives


Solutions/Tech Sessions


Media Coverage

Key Topics

Hotel Investment Outlook Post Pandemic

Market & Travelers Trends

Brands & Brand Expansion

Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Solutions

Future-ready Digital Eco System

Xperiences Next Generation


AI + Hospitality Current Solutions & Future Outlook

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Marketing + Revenue Transformation

Conference Speaker


Kerwin Shen

Vice President
Jinjiang Hotels Group China


Ethan Cai

Senior VP, Head of China
ONYX Group


Nick Li

General Manager Sales & Marketing
CTG Hotel Holdings Corporation Limited


Patrick Low

Area Vice President, Operations
Shangri-La Group


Edward Hu

President, China


Johnny Gu

VP of Business & Commerce DevelopmentBarony Hotel & Resorts


Yun Du

Architectural Director
BLVD International


Wei Qi

Chief Operations OfficierBolin Hotels Group


Xun He

Director of ITLN hospitality 


Gary Ye

Vice President, Operations, China
Radisson Hotel Group


Vivian Yeh

SVP – Marketing and Technology, Greater China


Jing Bang Zhang

XiTu Technology



Head, Business Development, China and Regional General Manager, East China & North China
Ascott China


Fei Zhou

Global High-end Hotels Department, Brand Innovation and Development Senior Director
Huazhu Hotels Group

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contact moc.stneve-mocse%40gnow.airolg if you're interested in speaking opportunity

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Draft Agenda by April 20, 2021

  • 0900 Opening Remarks

    by event chair

  • 0905 KEYNOTE: Hotel’s Recovery Path for Asia countries + Outlook 2021-2025

    In this session we will hear from a world leading hotel survey and consulting expert to share the current hotel performances, trends to watch for Asia countries respectively Greater China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia. More importantly it will reveal the top trends and innovations that most hoteliers are adopting as well as estimated market growth directions, trends and performance predication for 2021 to 2025.

  • 0930 PANEL DISCUSSION: Investment & Expansion Strategy post Covid19

    Hoteliers and investors remain agile and adopt changes as the global lodging industry continues to be tested in ways(pandemic) it never has. Additionally, traditional brands are being forced to re-examine their product offerings to remain competitive as consumer preferences evolve. This is a panel session that VP of Development, CEO of property firms will be sharing their views and insights on the upcoming investment, projects and brand expansion.

  • 1015 AM TEA BREAK

    Andriy Bas is the co-founder and Team Lead in UPTech – a company developing mobile and web applications. He’s been in the tech industry for over 6 years. Andriy is a partner in Teal UA - an organization which promotes the foundation of turquoise organizations in Ukraine. He is a supporter of self-organizing teams. Andriy believes that the strong corporate culture can guarantee the long-term success of any organization. The UPTech is known for its radical openness and self-organization In the company, everyone can make an important decision (including the calculation of own salary).

  • 1050 KEYNOTE: Customization and standardization in hotels - A paradox or not?

    The hotel sector post the pandemic is to be ever more competitive and to maintain profit margins, hoteliers will need to renew emphasis on cost reduction and break through the consumer perception of commoditization. On the other hand, it is standardization that will pave the way not only to control costs, but also to provide the differentiated customer experience guests crave. Speaker of this session will show why with innovations and tech adoption this won’t be a paradox.

  • 1110 CEO PANEL DISCUSSION: Hotel Innovation and the Creation of Competitive Advantage

    The current situation requires hoteliers to break our inherent traditional thinking, in operation and management Work hard on innovation, in order to maintain their competitive advantage. In this discussion session, guests will discuss how to promote customer intimacy, customer experience consistency and efficiency through innovative operation ideas, innovative technologies and solutions to achieve sustainable growth and develop core competitiveness.

  • 1155 Presentation reserved for event partner

    to be announced

  • 1215 Lunch Break

  • 1340 PANEL DISCUSSION: Better energy efficiency and more sustainability in hotels following Covid-19 regulations

    In this panel we will share how hoteliers are adopting Cleantech for Smarter, Greener Hotels, and how smart energy management and digitised guest experience and labour management are the top solutions hotels have adopted to help conserve energy and optimise resources during this low occupancy period, and why the COVID-19 pandemic catalyses the industry as a whole to adopt smarter technology and more sustainable solutions.

  • 1420 Presentation reserved for event partner

    to be updated

  • 1450 CASE STUDY: Hotel Digital Transformation and Digital EcoSystem in the aftermath of coronavirus

    Panelists in this session will use specific case analysis to explain how hotel operators can create digital transformation. Including: front desk self check-in, customer relationship management system and other software, chat robots and other public technology equipment to enhance the experience, communication equipment, smart furniture, big data management, predictive analysis based on big data, membership reservation system, procurement platform, financial platform, Business intelligence information, etc.

  • 1510 PM Tea Break

  • 1550 Presentation reserved for event partner

    Panelists in this session will use specific case analysis to explain how hotel operators can create digital transformation. Including: front desk self check-in, customer relationship management system and other software, chat robots and other public technology equipment to enhance the experience, communication equipment, smart furniture, big data management, predictive analysis based on big data, membership reservation system, procurement platform, financial platform, Business intelligence information, etc.

  • 1610 SMART HOTELS PANEL: Are smart hotels, AI and Service Robot the real future or just an advertising stunt?

    We see "Total Smart hotels" in China, Singapore, Japan, but they are not yet really smart enough to replace hotel staffs. Nevertheless, we believe smart technology is here to change the future of hotels. In this panel, panellists will share: What are the evaluation criteria for "FULL SMART HOTEL"? How much does the current smart devices contribute to hotel revenue? What is the core value of smart devices? How long will it take for smart devices to fully mature? How do smart devices actively interact with people and provide the required active services in a timely manner? Projection of Smart Experiences in hotels in 2025.

  • 1655 Open Q&A Sessions and Closing Remarks of Day One

    by event chair

  • 0900 Opening Remarks

    by event chair

  • 0905 KEYNOTE: Guest Satisfaction report & trends Asia hotels

    The story between the hotel and the guest begins from the moment the guest has the intention to travel. How to provide Better services and creating extraordinary experiences beyond expectations have become the ultimate problem for hotel operators. This session analyzes the current development trends of customer satisfaction and customer experience in Asia markets, including the digital trend of customer experience, the trend of seamless omni-channel experience, and channel preferences for customer satisfaction feedback.

  • 0930 PANEL DISCUSSION: Why Hotels should Prioritize Guest Convenience

    Guests want innovative technology that enables them to quickly and easily get the service or information they desire; they want features that are integral to their hotel experience, such as enabling virtual check in/check out, keyless room access, and booking of activities and ticket purchasing. COOs from hotels will share why guest convenience is the top of all customer evaluation indexs and how hotels can perform the utterly convenient experiences. 

  • 1015 AM Tea Break

  • 1050 Presentation Reserved for event partner

  • 1115 KEYNOTE: How to use intelligent voice control and Smart Room Tech to meet the needs of guests for personalized room entertainment and voice control

    The demand for personalized content playback and voice control functions in hotel rooms is growing at an unprecedented rate. The combination of voice technology and hotel experience is a trend in the future. For example, virtual assistants can wake guests up regularly, play yoga course videos on the full-length mirror, turn on the shower head, and adjust the temperature. This panel session is to discuss the possibilities of voice technology + artificial intelligence + smart rooms, current difficulties and potential solutions.

  • 1140 Presentation reserved for event partner

  • 1205 Lunch break

  • 1340 KEYNOTE: The Next Generation Marketing ecosystem for Hotels

    The digital advertising in hotel industry is still dominated by OTAs, and most hotels still have not established a controlled marketing ecology. This session discusses how the hotel to take the consumer as the center, based on IT & APIs to open up all online and offline channels, and integrate OTA and its own channels. Online e-commerce platforms, local O2O services and other scene precision marketing, to achieve personalized and refined marketing strategies, help hotel revenue growth, and create a self-controlling future-proofing digital marketing ecosystem.

  • 1405 PANEL DISCUSSION: Hotel Marketing in and after COVID-19

    While normal marketing activities have been curtailed, there are still plenty of actions that hotels can take in order to prepare for recovery and to ensure that they are in a position to get a strong headstart when demand starts to improve. This session is for Hotel CMOs to share best practices and industry expertise for hotel marketing during these unprecedented times.

  • 1450 SHARING SESSION: Hotel Marketing Innovations

    to be updated

  • 1515 PM tea break

  • 1600 SHARING SESSION: Hotel Revenue Management Innovations (1)

  • 1625 SHARING SESSION: Hotel Revenue Management Innovations (2)

  • 1650 Open Q&A Sessions and Closing Remarks of Day Two

    By event chair


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