Hospitality Japan Conference 2023

    November 28, 2023


    ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Osaka, Japan


2nd Japan Hotel Industry Conference (HJC 2023)

HJC 2023 invites about 250 executives from leading companies in the industry, and you can build a network by connecting the various knowledge of more than 50 speakers. More than 180 representatives from hotel owners, developers, investors, industry media, associations, hotel operators, OTAs, analysts, consultants, designers/architects, lawyers, EPCs, vendors/solution providers are expected to attend. The trend-setting “Hotel Development and Design Summit” and “Hotel Profitability Summit” parallel summits will be held on the same day, with dual themes, dual venues, and participants can freely choose topics of interest.
*For details, please refer to the HJC 2019 results report and the HJC 2023 information materials.

What is Hospitality Asia Series?

The Hospitality Asia Event Series is one of the most influential conference brands for tourism and lodging industry insiders.
Hotel Marketing & Revenue Conference (HMR), Hospitality Indonesia Conference (HIC), Hospitality Vietnam Conference (HVC), Hospitality Malaysia Conference (HMC), Hospitality Asia Forum (Singapore), Hospitality Philippines Conference (HPC), Hospitality Japan Conference (HJC) and other events focused on providing timely market insights that drive corporate strategy and growth. Unlike other CEO investment conferences, Hospitality Asia takes a slightly different approach. We often invite vice presidents and division managers who are involved in actual contract negotiations and day-to-day operations and who seem to have a deeper understanding of how a project works. In addition, consultants scattered throughout Asia provide diverse knowledge to plan high-level programs.


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2nd Hospitality JapanConference #HJC2023

(November 28, 2023,at ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Osaka Japan)


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5th Hospitality Asia Forum #HAF2024

(November 20, 2023,at PARKROTYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore)

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Total of 50 speakers expected


Harry Thaliwal

Cross Hotels & ResortsCEO


Eric J. Levy

TSIManaging Director


Min Wu

Club Med ShanghaiVP


Caspar Schmidt

QCC Collection GroupManaging Director


Amous Lee

FM Investment JapanCEO


Rie Kurokawa

GenslerDesign Director


Clint Nagata

BLINK Design GroupFounder and Creative Director


Asao Nakayama

W Design InternationalCo-Founder


Ayako Klepal

KPMG FASSenior Manager - Hospitality


 Shiori Sakurai

STR – CoStar GroupBD Manager Japan


Hirohide Abe

H.A. AdvisorsManaging Director


Nikhil Manchharam

YOTEL Managing Director


Seth Sulkin

Pacifica Capital K.K.CEO


Sho Yasui

AccorDirector of Commercial, Japan


Jennifer Hashimoto

Dorchester CollectionProject Manager, Tokyo Torch


Olivier Berrivin

BWH HotelsVice President Operations APAC


Yoshihiko Hayafuji

AXA Real Estate Investment Managers Japan KKHead of Japan


Aya Aso

SAVVY CollectiveFounder CEO


Elena Orrù

The Pavilions Hotels and ResortsGeneral Manager | Acting Managing Director


Glass Wu

Japan Hana Real EstateCEO and Founder


Ken Ikeo

Flat CollaborationFounder / CEO


Krid Kusumawalee

Kempinski HotelsDirector of Development, Asia Region (Excl. China)


Chris Singer

SCSY StudioManaging Director

Draft Agenda(Updated as of September 25, 2023)

We are at the moment organizing the programs and seeking for seasoned speakers from the local community to moderate/speak in panel discussions. If you are interested in speaking, please send below to: moc.aisa-ytilatipsoh%40gnow.airolg
1. Share helpful links of your past speaking engagements. This may include a feature via online media, tv coverage, event videos of your panel, YouTube upload of keynote presentation and the likes;2. Are there any challenges, disruption that the hotel industry is currently facing?3. Proposed topic. Please include corresponding 3-5 discussion points.4. Narrative bio

  • 07:30 - 08:55Registration and Match & Meet

  • 08:55 - 09:00Welcome Remarks from the ChairmanSpeaker: Eric Levy, Managing Director atTSI

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    Data Talks

  • 09:00 - 09:20(KEYNOTE) Japan's Tourism RenaissanceRecuperating from post-pandemic concerns, Japanese inbound visitors rose to 2.07 million in June, the Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO) said on early Jul 2023, clearing the 2 million mark for the first time since February 2020, which equivalent to 72.0% of the June 2019 figure.
    Speaker:Shiori Sakurai, Business Development Manager at STR Japan

  • icon

    Property Owners' Track

  • 09:20 - 10:10(PANEL) Foreign Capital Influx: Toward Customers' Novel Taste and Global Criteria
    Panel Discussion:This industry has been a key driver in attracting $691 million in foreign investments in the country’s hotel sector, reflecting growing confidence in the market’s potential for returns. Overseas buyers were responsible for 47% of the ¥494.3 billion ($3.7 billion) invested in hotel deals that closed in the past 12 months — the highest proportion since 2014, according to data at the end of March from research firm MSCI Real Assets. How will this influence market trends and visitor preferences? In what way will the appearance of a number of major hotel brands alter the preferences of future travellers and shape the future of the hotel industry?
    Moderator: Robert Hecker, Managing Director, APAC at Horwath HTL
    Panellists: Abe Hiro, Managing Director at H.A. Advisors Ltd. Seth Sulkin, CEO at Pacifica Capital K.K. Philip Ryan, Director, Capital Investments & Transactions, APAC Development at IHG Glass Wu, CEO at Japan Hana Real Estate Amous Lee, CEO at FM Investment

  • 10:10 - 10:50Morning Tea Break + 1-1 Business Matching

  • 10:50 - 11:30(PANEL) Capitalizing on Opportunity in the Japanese Hotel Market: Navigating Limited Supply for High Rewards
    Panel Discussion:Amidst a captivating backdrop, the Japanese hotel market reveals a remarkable narrative of scarcity. Post the 2020 Olympics, meager increments of just around 38,000 and 28,000 new accommodations marked the years 2021 and 2022 respectively, accentuating its limited growth. Moreover, predominant in major cities, the accommodations landscape offers only elementary services, even among traditional setups. This engaging session offers an in-depth panorama of Japan's hospitality industry, spotlighting the alluring potential for investments and the intricacies that attend those venturing into this dynamic market.
    Panellist:● Hayafuji Yoshihiko, Head of Japan, Real Assets, AXA Real Estate Investment Managers Japan KK.

  • 11:30 - 12:10(PANEL) Exploring the Future of Japan's Luxury Hotel Market
    Panel Discussion:The discussion will focus on the future of the luxury hotel market in Japan. It will delve into the sources of demand, the emergence of new luxury hotel projects, markets that are suitable for luxury hotel ventures, and the challenges that the luxury sector is currently facing in the Japanese market
    Moderator Eric Levy, Managing Director at TSI

    Kou Sundberg, President and CEO at Kiraku● Jennifer Hashimoto, Project Manager at Dorchester CollectionMin Wu, Senior Vice President of Development, Construction and Asset Manager APAC at Club Med Shanghai

  • 12:10 - 14:00Lunch Break + 1-1 Business Matching

  • icon

    Brand DNA Track

  • (PANEL) People, Places & Spaces: The Future of Brands
    Panel Discussion:With ever-changing consumer preferences, the future of brands lies in their ability to effectively communicate with customers, adapt, utilize inherent qualities, and pursue innovative directions, regardless of the size of the brand. The panel will be a combination of interior designers, hotel operators, and property owners to discuss how to build long-lasting brands that resonate with today's guests.
    Panellists:● Nikhil Manchharam, Managing Director at YOTEL● Krid Kusumawalee, Director of Development, Asia Region at Kempinski Hotels● Rie Kurokawa, Design Director at Gensler

  • 14:40 - 15:20(PANEL) Soft Brands, White Label and Third Party Operators: Solution in a Post-COVID Recovery Market
    Panel Discussion:This session will extensively cover the burgeoning significance of white label hotel management in the hospitality sector. The panelists will delve into key aspects, including market trends, flexible terms, operational benchmarks, and the value of co-branding. They will discuss how this approach meets evolving consumer behaviors, allowing customization of services. The session will highlight the role of consistent operating standards in guest satisfaction. Furthermore, insights will be shared on co-branding's impact on credibility, visibility, and marketing. Through real-world examples and industry insights, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of this dynamic trend.
    Moderator: Elena Orru, GM | Acting Managing Director at The Pavilions Hotels and Resorts

    ● Harry Thaliwal, CEO at Cross Hotels & ResortsOlivier Berrivin, VP Operations - APAC at BWH Hotels

  • 15:20 - 16:00Afternoon Tea Break + 1-1 Business Matching

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    Hotel Tech Track

  • 16:00 - 16:20Reserved for Commercial Partner

  • 16:20 - 16:40(KEYNOTE) IoT for Hotel Operations: Ensuring Cybersecurity and Optimising Building Administration
    High labour costs and an increase in unsuitable elderly employees have a significant impact on hotel operations in Japan, considering the fact that hotels have only recently recovered their revenue after a protracted downturn. In light of dwindling budgets, this session will focus on finding long-term alternatives for optimal operation by employing technology.

  • icon

    Design Track

  • 16:4 0 17:20(PANEL) Discover the New Wave: Pioneering Sustainability in Japan's Hospitality Landscape
    Panel Discussion:Step into the heart of a transformative journey as we uncover the bold strides of sustainability in Japan's vibrant hotel industry. Amidst an era of heightened environmental consciousness, this exploration unearths the realm of eco-conscious operations, energy-efficient innovations, and responsible sourcing. Delve into the harmonious integration of renewable energy sources, ingenious waste reduction strategies, and green building practices. Beyond ecological stewardship, the session unveils how sustainability harmonizes profitability and the planet, elevating guest experiences and catalyzing long-term prosperity within Japan's evolving hospitality domain.
    Panelists:Caspar Schmidt, Managing Director at QCC Collection GroupAsao Nakayama, Founder & Design Director at W Design InternationalClint Nagata, Founder at Blink Design Group

  • 17:20 - 17:40Lucky Draws + Group Photo

  • 07:30 - 08:55Registration and Match & Meet

  • 08:55 - 09:00Welcome Remarks from the OrganizerSpeaker: Gloria Wong, Executive Director at Hospitality Asia

  • icon

    Data Talks

  • 09:00 - 09:20Reserved for HotStatsSpeaker: Bousserind Comson, Business Development Manager at HotStats

  • icon

    Revenue Rebound Track

  • (PANEL) How to Sustain Hotel Rates amid a Volatile Return to Normalcy?
    Panel Discussion:The hotel sector in Asia has experienced an increase in luxury hotel prices subsequent to the reopening of mainland China. However, there is also evidence suggesting that elevated daily hotel rates may be temporary in nature, or potentially exhibit a fluctuating pattern characterized by intermittent rises and falls. Hotels may encounter another potential challenge, which is the escalation of operational costs due to the growing overall demand. This session will delve into the strategies that operators can employ to establish a sustainable revenue stream, while also forecasting possible future volatility and outlining effective approaches to address them.
    Panellist:● Ayako Klepal, Senior Manager - Hospitality at KPMG FAS (TBC)

  • 10:00 - 10:40Morning Tea Break + 1-1 Business Matching

  • 10:40 - 11:00Looking for Commercial Partner

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    Operation Optimizations Track

  • 11:00 - 11:40(PANEL) How to Retain Well-trained Staff through Empowerment?
    Panel Discussion:Even during the pre-Covid era, Japan's large hotel industry experienced an unprecedented decrease in personnel. The fact that this industry has a much higher turnover rate than others is primarily due to low wages, lengthy working hours, and few vacation days. This affects the calibre of human resources. Hospitality, including communication skills, manners, and consideration, is required of hotel and lodging employees. This session will delve deeper into strategies for retaining a high-quality workforce, establishing an effective training system, and delivering services with a high level of customer satisfaction.

  • 11:40 - 12:20(PANEL) How Hotels are Responding to the Demand Diversification of the Luxury Segment?
    Panel Discussion:In today's hotel industry, guest expectations have evolved significantly and become increasingly demanding compared to the past. The new basic essentials now include contactless services, stricter safety protocols, and a higher standard of operational excellence. In order to remain adaptable and competitive, hotels must develop offerings that instill trust and confidence in their ability to cater to guests' needs, considering the unique challenges of the current macro landscape. This session will explore the changing behavior of the luxury guest segment in Japan and discuss strategies that hotels can use to capitalize on these shifts.

  • 12:20 - 14:00Lunch Break + 1-1 Business Matching

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    Guest Experience Track

  • 14:00 - 14:40(PANEL) Harmonizing Tradition and Innovation in Japanese Hospitality: Balancing Personalized Service, Privacy, and Hygiene
    Panel Discussion:The session focuses on optimizing the Japanese hospitality market by blending traditional warmth with modern needs. It explores strategies to enhance guest experiences while ensuring privacy and hygiene, particularly post-COVID. The goal is to strengthen the bond between hotels and guests, creating a uniquely Japanese and exceptional hospitality encounter.

  • icon

    Distribution & Marketing Innovation Track

  • 14:40 - 15:20(PANEL) Leveraging Direct Booking Channels: Navigating the Dos and Don'ts for Hoteliers
    Panel Discussion:The primary advantage offered by Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) is heightened market visibility. Yet, in order to alleviate cost pressures, an increasing number of accommodations are prioritizing the establishment of direct distribution channels, notably through websites. What strategies can be employed to address this challenge and enable hoteliers to effectively compete against OTAs in terms of pricing, while also enticing guests to opt for direct bookings?
    Panellist:● Sho Yasui, Commercial Director, Japan at Accor

  • 16:00 - 16:40(PANEL) Elevating Hotel Booking Performance: A Look into the Evolving Preference and Behaviour of the Japanese
    Panel Discussion:Some hoteliers may consider reducing their room rates significantly in an effort to increase guest bookings. Although this approach may initially appear to be effective, it often fails to achieve the intended outcomes. Lower rates do not inherently generate demand. It can possibly establish incorrect expectations for guests. They may interpret it as indicative of the caliber of the services and amenities, which results in a negative perception of the hotel. The key factor is to understand the genuine preferences and behaviors of guests across various segments and develop an appropriate sales and distribution strategy to enhance booking rates.

  • 16:40 - 17:00Group Photo

  • 17:00 - 18:00Post-event Networking

Onsite Activities

Event APP

Signature Projects

  • 2023 Project List

    ● ブルガリホテル東京 - Bulgari Hotels TokyoOperator: Bulgari Hotels | Owner/Developer: Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.
    ● ザ・リッツ・カールトン福岡 The Ritz-Carlton, FukuokaOperator: The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company | Owner/Developer: SEKISUI HOUSE. LTD.
    ● ShiSui Hotel Nara 紫翠ラグジュアリーコレクションホテル 奈良Operator: Marriott International | Owner/Developer: Mori Trust Co.
    ● IZUMO HOTEL THE CLIFF イズモ ホテル ザクリフOperator: BALNIBARBI CO,. LTD. | Owner/Developer: BALNIBARBI CO,. LTD.

  • 2024 Project List

    ● Four Seasons Hotel(フォーシーズンズホテル)大阪Operator: Four Seasons Hotels, Inc. | Owner/Developer: Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd.(東京建物)
    ● DoulbleTree by Hilton (ダブルツリーbyヒルトン大阪城)Operator: Hilton ヒルトン | Owner/Developer: Daiwa House(大和ハウス)
    ● CANDEO HOTELS(カンデオホテルズ堂島)Operator: Candeo Hospitality Management, Inc. | Owner/Developer: Candeo Hospitality Management, Inc.
    ● ホテルインディゴ長崎グラバーストリートOperator: IHG | Owner/Developer: Mori Trust Co.
    ● Banyan Tree kyoto バンヤンツリー・東山 京都Operator: Accor Hotels | Owner/Developer: Wealth Management, Inc.
    ● 京都東山シックスセンシズ(SIX SENSES)Operator: IHG Japan Manegement | Owner/Developer: Wealth Management, Inc.
    The Royal Park ICONIC - Nagoya (ザ ロイヤルパークアイコニック名古屋)Operator: Royal Park Hotels | Owner/Developer: MITSUBISHI ESTATE RESIDENCE CO.,LTD.
    ● 長崎マリオットホテルOperator: Marriott International | Owner/Developer: JR Kyushu
    ● Courtyard by Marriott コートヤード・バイ・マリオット福井Operator: Marriott International | Owner/Developer: YOURS HOTEL.
    ● 大阪ステーションホテル、オートグラフコレクション(THE OSAKA STATION HOTEL, Autograph Collection)
    Operator: Marriott International | Owner/Developer: WEST JR hotels

    ● JWマリオット・ホテル東京 TOKYO
    Operator: Marriott International | Owner/Developer: EAST JR 

     Hyatt Centric Sapporo イアットセントリック札幌
    Operator: Hyatt Hotels | Owner/Developer: NTT Urban Development

    ● Hyatt House Tokyo Shibuya ハイアットハウス東京渋谷
    Operator: Hyatt Hotels | Owner/Developer: TOKYU LAND CORPORATION.

  • 2026 Project List

    ● ウォルドーフ・アストリア東京日本橋Operator: Hilton ヒルトン | Owner/Developer: Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.

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Words on the Street

“This is a breakthrough event during the pandemic, giving me and my company great insights on current and future trends also forecasting in hospitality Industry. Would be great if could invite the panelist from wholeseller, OTA and also airline. So we could have better picture in future trends.”

Dijiwa Sanctuaries (Indonesia)

“Great conference with lots of great content. Looking forward to next year.”

QCC Collection Group (Australia)

“Very well organized event and great help from Hospitality Asia at every moment. Diversified speakers and great to listen and share insights.”

Marriott International (Thailand)

“Overall experience and contents are well planned. Only the first day connectivity was a bit unstable. Well done and congratulations!”

Accor (Malaysia)

“Well organised event with a strong plethora of topics discussed and attendees. Keep it up! And hope that the physical conference will be even better.”

Far East Hospitality (Singapore)

“For our company which is expanding into hotel and resort operation, the conference gave us valuable insights as how we could steer our hospitality operations and encouraged us to be bullish in such expansion in our operations.”

Capella Hotel Group (Singapore)

“This event was well worth of my time, I picked up a lot of stuff, the event focused on different aspects of hospitality industry as a business, there was a lot of information and knowledge to gain, thank you for having me!”

HBA (Philippines)

“The conference is one day of good interactions, great discussions; lots of owners, consultant, operators and good topic were discussed. I think it is very engaging. And it is definitely worth coming here and looking forward to being back next year.”

HVS Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)

“This was a timely and interesting
virtual event.”

Absolute Hotel Service Group (Thailand)

“I think today is very interesting, a very good event. We got to do very good networking, and the topics are interesting. Hopefully the next event will be longer!”

Empire Group (Vietnam)

For our company which is expanding into hotel and resort operation, the conference gave us valuable insights as how we could steer our hospitality operations and encouraged us to be bullish.

Anchor Land Holdings

The event is a great success and we are happy to see so many investors and hotel companies and technology companies that be here in Malaysia to talk about the investment opportunities and future of hospitality and tourism busienss in Malaysia. A great platform to connect with the hotel industry.

Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia

I think Hospitality Asia did a fantastic job on this 2nd year round. I think it is well organized we have all been briefed upfront and I think the topics are very extremely relevant to the industry today.

Cornestone Partners

Very exciting content today. Not only are we talking about Malaysia but we are talking about the whole region. I’d like to thank the organizers and hopefully next year we’ll see all of you back .

Oracle Hospitality

Hospitality Asia has been doing absolutely fantastic job , this is whatever event organizer should be doing, and they are really making sure that the growth of our industry is well promoted.

Dusit Hotels & Resorts

Good reunion. Atmosphere is good as there seems to be more unconventional yet personalised forum which I feel refreshing. Organizer put a lot of efforts in gathering top quality speakers and panels

Mandiri Land

Everything was on right track, Hospitality Asia arranged a lot of things perfectly, it was useful that we presented our products to our hotel end users and partners.

LG business Solutions

Thank you so much for taking time to share their precious experience. Secretary's preparation and caring of the conference day was perfect! Good job!

JR Hokkaido Hotels

It was very insightful to have full scope of knowledge from developers, from the operators, architects, designers to understand more about the Vietamese Market, and Cambodian market respectively.


The Philippines Hospitality Conference has succeeded once again in bringing together key decision makers, players, the movers and visionaries in the hotel and resort industry in the Philippines.

PDP Architects

It is a place that you should go if you want to know everything about hotel biz. You will see the key decision makers, the operators and people who are going to be at the forefront of the industry.

Swiss Belhotel Intl

I really like the crowd, the audience. There was so much dynamic. We also met with a couple of really good owners, developers that we have not seen in the past. We enjoyed the event and see you again.

Tajara Leisure Hospitality

by far it has been one of the best experiences. It is a great platform. It provided us a great opportunity to connect with potential market players, we look forward to doing this again in the future.


We are excited to see so many hotel professionals and investors from home and abroad he