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  • PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore

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    November 21, 2023


What is Hospitality Asia Series?

The Hospitality Asia Event Series is one of the most influential conference brands for tourism and lodging industry insiders.
Hotel Marketing & Revenue Conference (HMR), Hospitality Indonesia Conference (HIC), Hospitality Vietnam Conference (HVC), Hospitality Malaysia Conference (HMC), Hospitality Asia Forum (Singapore), Hospitality Philippines Conference (HPC), Hospitality Japan Conference (HJC) and other events focused on providing timely market insights that drive corporate strategy and growth. Unlike other CEO investment conferences, Hospitality Asia takes a slightly different approach. We often invite vice presidents and division managers who are involved in actual contract negotiations and day-to-day operations and who seem to have a deeper understanding of how a project works. In addition, consultants scattered throughout Asia provide diverse knowledge to plan high-level programs.


6th Hospitality PhilippinesConference #HPC2023

(September 6, 2023,at Marriott Manila)


2nd Hospitality ThailandConference #HTC2023

(October 18, 2023,at Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn)


4th Hospitality Asia Forum #HAF2023

(November 21, 2023, at PARKROTYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore)


2nd Hospitality JapanConference #HJC2023

(November 28, 2023,at ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Osaka Japan)


7th Hospitality IndonesiaConference  #HIC2024

(January 30, 2024, at Le Meridien Jakarta)


7th Hospitality VietnamConference #HVC2024

(April 2-3, 2024,at Ho Chi Minh City)


4th Hospitality MalaysiaConference #HMC2024

(July 3, 2024,at Kuala Lumpur)


7th Hospitality PhilippinesConference #HPC2024

(September 4, 2024at Marriott Manila)


3rd Hospitality ThailandConference #HTC2024

(October 9at Bangkok)


3rd Hospitality JapanConference #HJC2024

(November 6, 2024,at Tokyo)


5th Hospitality Asia Forum #HAF2024

(November 20, 2023,at PARKROTYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore)

The Flagship Event for Hoteliers In Asia

Hospitality Asia Forum 2023 (HAF 2023) will be hosted in Singapore, the hub city connecting Asia’s business executives. It’s designed to help property and hotel leaders to navigate the changing landscape, giving hoteliers unedited access to the people, the strategies and the insights that help hotels stay on trend and gain competitiveness. It aims to extend the conversation to all organizational areas responsible for technologies that impact consumers.
Leading you to the right business relationships.Unlike major investment conferences in the region, which gathers a great number of attendees, Hospitality Asia is taking a more diverse approach. Aside from a number of C-suites, VPs, GMs and Directors who are involved in actual contract negotiations and daily operations will be equally participating. On top of this, we have a group of advisers coming from different Asian countries, that ensures to provide pragmatic and up-to-date insights to help work out good quality programs.


324m visitors yearly


1,793 (3%+)projects pipeline (except China)


4.9%+increase in demand


393,732 (7%)rooms supply(except China)


1.7%+increase of occupancy


15%+transaction volumes growth 2019

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Countries Presented



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Andrew Langdon

AccorChief Development Officer Asia,(CDO)


Clint Nagata

BLINK Design GroupFounder and Creative Director


Stella Blythe

CBRE Hotels Asia PacificAssociate Director


Tulsi Grover

HassellManaging Principal


Fenady Uriarte

STRHead of Business Development


Jonathan Mokalu

Artotel Group Director of Business Development


Charline Boccara

AccorVice President Digital, Distribution and Loyalty


Gaurang Khemka

Urbnarc (Pte.) LtdFounder/Design Director


Chris Cho

AccorVP - Development


Kirk Ellis

GenslerDirector of Hospitality

Draft Agenda(Updated as of September 27, 2023)

Speakers Wanted!
We are at the moment organizing the programs and seeking seasoned speakers from the local community to moderate/speak in panel discussions. If you are interested in speaking, please send below to: moc.aisa-ytilatipsoh%40gnow.airolg

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  • Welcome Remarks from the OrganizerSpeaker: Gloria Wong, Executive Director of Hospitality Asia

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    Data Talks

  • (Keynote) The Hospitality Boom in Singapore
    The lodging industry is a pillar of Singapore's tourism development, contributing approximately 20% of total tourism receipts. With over 430 properties across the island containing more than 70,000 rooms, Singapore's hotel landscape is characterised by a multitude of distinct hospitality offerings.

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    Property Owners' Track

  • (Panel) Which Segments are Investors and Owners Setting Sights On?
    Panel Discussion:In the last decade, the average number of visitors per country has increased by 6%, while the supply of hotel rooms has only increased by 4.2%, notably in the last four years. This presents an immense obstacle for the nation's hospitality sector. The government is striving to strengthen the construction project for the hotel, which includes numerous projects in various phases of development. What will investors make or forfeit if they enter the market now? What destination will be of fascination in the immediate future?

  • (Keynote) Navigating the Macro and Market Challenges: Asia Pacific Hospitality Investment Market Review and Forecast
    In the first half of 2023, hotel investment volume in the Asia Pacific region experienced a significant decline, plummeting by 51 percent year-on-year to reach $3.13 billion. This downturn can be attributed to macroeconomic challenges and the increasing cost of debt, which have stifled dealmaking within the hospitality sector, as reported by JLL. Nevertheless, it's important to note that despite the decline in investment volume, the trading performance of the hospitality sector remains robust. Additionally, key fundamentals such as tourism arrivals and consistently high occupancy rates give us a strong assurance that the current investment climate is influenced more by external factors than industry-specific issues.

  • (Keynote) Overcoming Headwinds in Singapore's Hotel Investment Market
    Due to global recession, the value of transactions in Singapore ($30 million) plunged by 95% yoy. With the recent sale of Park Royal on Kitchener Road for $388 million, however, the outlook for H2 of 2023 and beyond will be considered brighter. Various foreign investors continue to choose Singapore as a spot to invest due to its low corporate tax, tailored investment incentives, and positioning as the gateway to Asia.

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    Brand DNA Track

  • (Panel) Co-Living Market: How Owners and Operators Are Doing to Capture and Sustain Their Growth?
    Panel Discussion:The recent surge in co-living in Singapore can be attributed to a confluence of factors, including the far-reaching impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, transient fluctuations in the residential market, and the influence of regulatory policies. Nevertheless, the co-living sector is set to sustain its upward trajectory, driven by increasingly sustainable factors. Structural shifts in demographics, changing consumer preferences, and economic transformations instill us with certainty that the demand for co-living spaces, both from occupants and investors, will persist and mature over the medium to long term.

  • Lunch Break + 1-1 Business Matching

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    Design Track

  • (Keynote) Reserved for Commercial Partner

  • (Panel) Wellness Space as a Step Towards Healing Tourism
    Panel Discussion:When health is the top priority in the modern era, consumers will gravitate towards hotels that provide a sense of healing, especially considering Singapore's popularity as a medical tourism destination. Wellness will still continue to be a priority for guests in 2023, evidenced by a forecasted growth of USD$1.3 trillion by 2025, with an ongoing growth rate of 21% in wellness tourism over the next three years. From yoga studios, meditation corners, spa-like restrooms, and even indoor gardens for private villas to provide an oasis for relaxation and rejuvenation, hotels are attempting to shift their image to one that is more relaxed and environmentally conscious. In this session, experts from architectural firms and hotel brands will discuss how the rising appeal of the therapeutic lifestyle will impact the future of hotel design.

  • (Panel) Sustainability: The New Norm in Hospitality Design
    Panel Discussion:The global health crisis has raised awareness regarding our role in establishing a sustainable future and illuminated the direct relationship between climate change and public health. In this manner, hotels will be oriented towards a greater emphasis on biophilic design and the provision of more outdoor spaces, allowing guests to experience healthy activities in distant spaces, such as rooftop yoga with a view. An ecological hospitality experience enables visitors to be more in tune with their surroundings and senses.

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    Economy & Budget Hotel Track

  • (Panel) Should Hoteliers Consider Establishing Economical Lodging Options?
    Panel Discussion:In Singapore, luxury hotels dominate the hotel sector, and lodging rates are considered to be rather costly. Over 90% of new lodging options slated to open between 2021 and 2023 are scheduled to be in upscale and luxury hotels. Regardless, travellers are becoming more cost-conscious due to the global economic downturn. Some leisure travellers may bypass Singapore in favour of more affordable Asia-Pacific destinations. Should hoteliers consider investing affordable options in order to prevent growing rivalries as more hotel rooms reach the market in 2023? In that case, what factors should they evaluate when adopting this product line?

  • Lucky Draws + Group Photo

  • Registration and Match & Meet

  • Welcome Remarks from the Organizer

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    Revenue Rebound Track

  • (Keynote) How to Effectively Utilise Visitor Statistics to Boost Revenue?
    Client satisfaction is crucial to the profitability of the hotel. Therefore, it is essential to collect and utilise data that serves to assist in making decisions that will enhance the customer experience and increase sales. From using data to optimise room bookings to personalising guest experiences with marketing automation, this session will discuss approaches to leveraging visitor data from sector leaders perspectives.

  • (Panel) How to Sustain Hotel Rates amid a Volatile Return to Normalcy?

  • (Keynote) Hotel Portfolio Management: Evaluating Performance Metrics and Identifying Properties for Optimal Focus
    When you have multiple hotel properties under your reporting umbrella, each using its own software and metrics, it takes time and effort to unify the data to compare apples to apples in a single view. However, without the ability to quickly identify the top and bottom performers, hotel asset managers struggle to create actionable strategies. Knowing where your properties stand can inform whether to ride the momentum and replicate the successes or when to implement remediation programs.

  • (Keynote) Reserved for Commercial Partner

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    Hotel Technology Track

  • (Panel) Utilizing Cutting-edge Technology Integration for Hotel Analytics: A Deep Dive into Market Data Analysis and Strategic Planning
    Panel Discussion:Singapore depending greatly on inbound tourism to support the industry. Hence, the infusion of technology in the industry will be helpful in areas such as analytics and looking at the market data, as well as planning.

  • (Keynote) Reserved for Commercial Partner

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    Operation Optimizations Track

  • (Panel) Can Hotels Efficiently Handle their Inventory and Supply Chain to Reduce Costs and Waste?
    Panel Discussion:The management of inventory and the supply chain are essential to operating a successful hotel. They impact efficiency in operation, customer satisfaction, profitability, and environmental impact. This session will bring together industry specialists to discuss how to optimise your hotel's inventory and supply chain while minimising expenses and waste.

  • Lunch Break + 1-1 Business Matching

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    Guest Experience Track

  • (Panel) Personalization: Enhance the Guests Pleasure by Tailoring Experiences
    Panel Discussion:Personalisation will continue to increase in sophistication. Hotel guests are increasingly interested in personalised services that can make their stay luxurious and unforgettable. To remain on top and compete with other hotels, hoteliers will need to adopt a more personalised approach to exceeding their guests' expectations beyond ideal bedding, a dietary menu, or a room decorated with petals. Hoteliers can increase their value creation by providing guests with distinct, customised experiences and by treating each visitor as an individual as opposed to a mass.

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    Distribution & Marketing Track

  • (Panel) Improving Customer Loyalty via Direct Distribution
    Panel Discussion:Post-pandemic, the pattern of hotel distribution has undergone significant changes and trends. Hotels have relied on mobile bookings and online travel agencies (OTAs) to attract visitors and increase revenue. Nevertheless, there has been a shift towards promoting direct bookings and brand loyalty through exclusive discounts and personalised experiences. This discussion will focus on the challenging task of increasing reservations through direct distribution and fostering customer loyalty to maximise return on investment (ROI).

  • (Panel) Promoting Reliability and Credibility from User-Generated Content
    Panel Discussion:Trust and authenticity are more valued than ever by consumers. User-generated content (UGC) is essential for establishing credibility and engaging the intended audience. UGC can be leveraged across multiple platforms, including social media, websites, and blogs, to provide prospective consumers with authentic testimonials and encourage them to select a particular travel or hospitality brand. This session will discuss how hoteliers can actively promote and incorporate user-generated content into their online marketing strategies in order to develop trust and increase conversions.

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● Building Designs● Building Materials● Building Management system● Energy Efficiency Solutions● Lighting and illumination● Smart Building Control● Elevator/Escalator● Carpet● Walling Solutions● Kitchen & Facilities● Hotel Furniture● Bedding and Mattress● Hotel Display Solutions● Hotel TV

● ICT infrastructure● Connected Hotel Solutions● Bathroom and Fittings● Water Treatment● Waste Management● Security, CCTV, Access Control● HVAC Solutions● Air Purification and Air Aroma● Public Seating● Wine Cellar● Audio and Video Systems● Smart Car Parking● Hotel Testing & Certification● Cleaning Solutions

● Operational Management Systems● IoT Solutions & Building Automation● Cloud Base Solutions● Mobile Applications & Website● Wifi & Band Width Distribution● Virtual Technology Management● CRM / PMS / Hotel Management Solutions● Data Analytics & Data Warehousing● Block Chain Technology● Artificial Intelligence

● Voice Technology Solutions● RFID / EPPOS Solutions● Robots, Chatbots Technology● NFC Technology & Sensors Solutions● In-Room Connectivity & Entertainment● Safety & Security Systems● Housekeeping Management● IT & Engineering Facility Management● Administrative Technology And Solutions

● E-Marketing & E-Commerce● Online Booking & Branding Tools.● Digital Marketing Solutions & SEO● Reservation Management & GDS● Central Reservation Systems● OTA● Social Media Distribution● Revenue Management Software

● CloudBased Revenue Driven Solutions● RM and pricing● Data and Analytics● Direct Booking● Mobile Hospitality● Upsell Training● Social Media Reputation Management● Voice, Video, AR Marketing

● Hotel Operations Services● Project Consulting● Market Survey● Hygiene Solutions● Professional Training Services*Including but not limited to listed above

Join as Delegate


    C-suite, VP, Director from Owner, Developer, Investor

    Government, Industry Association, Industry Media

    Owner, GM, Director from Independent & Boutique Hotel

SGD 395/Person

    Corporate C-suite, GM, VP, Director

    5 star or 4 star Hotel

SGD 805/Person

    OTA, Analyst, Consultant, Designer, Architect, Lawyer, EPC

    Vendor, Supplier, System Integrator, Technology Disruptor



    C-suite, VP, Director from Owner, Developer, Investor

    Government, Industry Association, Industry Media

    Owner, GM, Director from Independent & Boutique Hotel

    Corporate C-suite, GM, VP, Director from

SGD 395/Person

    5 star or 4 star Hotel

SGD 805/Person

    OTA, Analyst, Consultant, Designer, Architect, Lawyer, EPC

    Vendor, Supplier, System Integrator, Technology Disruptor



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Words on the Street

“This is a breakthrough event during the pandemic, giving me and my company great insights on current and future trends also forecasting in hospitality Industry. Would be great if could invite the panelist from wholeseller, OTA and also airline. So we could have better picture in future trends.”

Dijiwa Sanctuaries (Indonesia)

“Great conference with lots of great content. Looking forward to next year.”

QCC Collection Group (Australia)

“Very well organized event and great help from Hospitality Asia at every moment. Diversified speakers and great to listen and share insights.”

Marriott International (Thailand)

“Overall experience and contents are well planned. Only the first day connectivity was a bit unstable. Well done and congratulations!”

Accor (Malaysia)

“Well organised event with a strong plethora of topics discussed and attendees. Keep it up! And hope that the physical conference will be even better.”

Far East Hospitality (Singapore)

“For our company which is expanding into hotel and resort operation, the conference gave us valuable insights as how we could steer our hospitality operations and encouraged us to be bullish in such expansion in our operations.”

Capella Hotel Group (Singapore)

“This event was well worth of my time, I picked up a lot of stuff, the event focused on different aspects of hospitality industry as a business, there was a lot of information and knowledge to gain, thank you for having me!”

HBA (Philippines)

“The conference is one day of good interactions, great discussions; lots of owners, consultant, operators and good topic were discussed. I think it is very engaging. And it is definitely worth coming here and looking forward to being back next year.”

HVS Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)

“This was a timely and interesting
virtual event.”

Absolute Hotel Service Group (Thailand)

“I think today is very interesting, a very good event. We got to do very good networking, and the topics are interesting. Hopefully the next event will be longer!”

Empire Group (Vietnam)

For our company which is expanding into hotel and resort operation, the conference gave us valuable insights as how we could steer our hospitality operations and encouraged us to be bullish.

Anchor Land Holdings

The event is a great success and we are happy to see so many investors and hotel companies and technology companies that be here in Malaysia to talk about the investment opportunities and future of hospitality and tourism busienss in Malaysia. A great platform to connect with the hotel industry.

Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia

I think Hospitality Asia did a fantastic job on this 2nd year round. I think it is well organized we have all been briefed upfront and I think the topics are very extremely relevant to the industry today.

Cornestone Partners

Very exciting content today. Not only are we talking about Malaysia but we are talking about the whole region. I’d like to thank the organizers and hopefully next year we’ll see all of you back .

Oracle Hospitality

Hospitality Asia has been doing absolutely fantastic job , this is whatever event organizer should be doing, and they are really making sure that the growth of our industry is well promoted.

Dusit Hotels & Resorts

Good reunion. Atmosphere is good as there seems to be more unconventional yet personalised forum which I feel refreshing. Organizer put a lot of efforts in gathering top quality speakers and panels

Mandiri Land

Everything was on right track, Hospitality Asia arranged a lot of things perfectly, it was useful that we presented our products to our hotel end users and partners.

LG business Solutions

Thank you so much for taking time to share their precious experience. Secretary's preparation and caring of the conference day was perfect! Good job!

JR Hokkaido Hotels

It was very insightful to have full scope of knowledge from developers, from the operators, architects, designers to understand more about the Vietamese Market, and Cambodian market respectively.


The Philippines Hospitality Conference has succeeded once again in bringing together key decision makers, players, the movers and visionaries in the hotel and resort industry in the Philippines.

PDP Architects

It is a place that you should go if you want to know everything about hotel biz. You will see the key decision makers, the operators and people who are going to be at the forefront of the industry.

Swiss Belhotel Intl

I really like the crowd, the audience. There was so much dynamic. We also met with a couple of really good owners, developers that we have not seen in the past. We enjoyed the event and see you again.

Tajara Leisure Hospitality

by far it has been one of the best experiences. It is a great platform. It provided us a great opportunity to connect with potential market players, we look forward to doing this again in the future.


We are excited to see so many hotel professionals and investors from home and abroad here gathers at Manila Marriott Hotel to discuss the cooperations and industry growth of Philippines tourism and hotel sector, the event is a great experiences for us and we are excited to see the growth potential and the level of interest that everybody is showing to the Philippines market.

Department of Tourism Philippines

All of the people were professional in their industry, and really friendly. The networking was really useful for future business also.

Resorttrust Inc

We really had some interesting topics covering from investment into deep dives of data and also types of investment and operation challenges of the hotel.

Zerin Properties

It’s my first time at a conference and I find it very informative. All you need to know about hotel operations. Know operators down to suppliers and everything so it’s absolutely useful.

KAJ Development

Beautiful venue and exceptional food! I wish in the future there were more slots dedicated to marketing,branding and communications, which are key in Japan.

OYO Hotels & Homes

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Fostering Strategic Collaborations with industry leaders, front liners, influencers, and world figures by convening heads of states, leading hospitality industry think-tanks to address the current industry climate, analyse options, and inspire to strengthen the businesses, industries, and economies across all fronts and the world.

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